Client Day Sessions - Empowerment At Its Best!

One of our primary goals is building long-term relationships with our clients.  Great communication plays an important part. Client Day Sessions are one of the avenues utilized to meet in person and provide a forum for live interactions. 

Adventure Office travels the country hosting Client Day Sessions to which all clients are invited.

Each Client Day Session is designed to provide group discussions, live demonstrations of the multitude of new features in Adventure Office reservation software, and operational best practices.  The agenda allows ample time for questions and answers throughout the day.  Client questions, feedback, and features they would like to see added to the software are important aspects of these sessions.

Sessions are normally held the day prior to national or regional trade shows, to assist clients in leveraging their travel time and cost.  You do not need to attend the related trade show to participate in a Client Day Session.  Sessions are day long events beginning at 8:30 and ending around 4:00 PM.