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August 2017 Newsletter

by Lauren Bonilla | Aug 18, 2017

If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Marc Anthony

Is this true for you? Most of us get into the Adventure Tourism
industry because we love being outdoors and we enjoy the adventures. We 'work' to share these adventures with as many people as possible. That's what our business is all about.

The last thing we want to do is to spend a lot of time
, energy and money solely focused on running the business. Adventure Office Software has grown with you and has been there helping many of you achieve this. Partnering with you to make your business successful is a priority for us, part of that is being a affordable and reliable partner. There's a lot of talk out there lately, about reducing costs of using software by charging reservation fees to your travelers. This is a great option for many companies and we can help you with that too. Did you know that Adventure Office can be configured to help cover some or all of the software fees? We have helped many customers with this configuration, if you are interested in setting up your software to charge booking fees to your customers, we are happy help you.

For more information please contact Adventure Office Support at 303-292-5522 Option 2 or

 You're Invited!

Are you attending the 2017 America Outdoors Association Conference in Reno this year? We are in the process of planning a client day session on December 4, 2017.

One of our primary goals is building long-term relationships with our clients. Great communication plays an important part. Client Day Sessions are one of the avenues utilized to meet in person and provide a forum for live interactions.

Each Client Day Session is designed to provide group discussions, live demonstrations of the multitude of new features in Adventure Office reservation software, and operational best practices. The agenda allows ample time for questions and answers throughout the day. Client questions, feedback, and features they would like to see added to the software are important aspects of these sessions.

If you are interested in attending, please click here to pre-register! Seating is limited, so please let us know you are interested in attending the session.

You do not need to attend the related trade show to participate in a Client Day Session.

Tech Tip - Add User Defined Fields to your Web Inquiry Form

You can now add custom User Defined Fields (UDF) to your Web Inquiry Form to gather even more information from your potential customers.

Under Settings > User Defined Fields, either select an existing or add a new UDF.

Upon editing or creating the new field, you will see a drop-down menu labeled Inquiry Setting. You can choose to show or require the UDF on the Inquiry page. Save the page with your selection.

To access your Inquiry Form link, click on Adventure Web Links in the blue menu at the top of Adventure Office. Once the page loads, you will see a link labeled General Inquiry Form. Click on the link and see the new UDF field either shown or required, as set in your Settings.

Software Releases - July 2017

The July software release included many enhancements and fixes as requested by our customers, including the following:

System Settings & User Interface:

  • Upgrade Telerik controls to newest version
  • Add system flag to look at whether company has one waiver or multiple
  • Yapstone API - Change how we send Guaranteed / Token-Only transactions to accommodate address requirement
  • Fix for a Quick Search KnowledgeBase / Help bug
  • Created the ability add a UDF to the Web Inquiry Form
  • Added System Setting to Hide Cancelled Reservations on Shopping Cart Trip Reservations Popup
  • New upsell item that can be required during online booking process
  • Fix to Invite Friends email booking page
  • POS update to accommodate Yapstone requiring address fields on the POS Register
  • Added table of merchandise sold online to dashboard
  • Fix to Lodging Management > Lodging Reserved table disappears after marking occupied
  • Update to the newest Check-In screen to include customers on Package reservations


  • Fix to refund reporting on General Ledger report
  • Fix for the Income Add-On Report not showing accurate total
  • Fixed a discrepancy between Bookings by Division and Bookings by Activity
  • Add Payment Type Filter to Sales by Payment Date report
  • Add Item Qty to the Sales by Payment Date
  • Fix to Sales by Drawer Report showing Declined Transactions
  • Payments Collected report should show the payment on any reservation status with payment


  • Fix Package Date change issue on Reservations
  • Added Group Hold as a override option for Reservation Status
  • Added PAX to the Reservation Groups Page
  • Remove Package Location and Directions from Office Print
  • Add text to system notes to indicate that an Override was done
  • Fix for a rental only discount being pro-rated
  • Added EZ Waiver link to Non-Attending Party Leader reservation confirmations

 Support Spotlight

We have put together a quick tip for this month to help our customers with payment collection and processing. A great way to ensure you are collecting all payments due is by running our Paid/Due report monthly. This report is based on Departure Date and shows the amount paid and outstanding balances for all operational reservations in the time period selected. The filters on this report allow you to run it with or without Travel Agent reservations and by Division. It is located under Reports on the Operations tab. Check out this report and consider adding it to your daily tasks. or 303-292-5522 Option 3



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