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September 2017 Newsletter

by Sitefinity Developer | Sep 14, 2017

Adventure Office Newsletter

September 2017

 Coming Soon - Credit Card Chip Readers

Credit Card Data and Security is something that Adventure Office takes very seriously. We understand your needs and are committed to ensuring your credit card payment transactions are processed in the most secure manner. We are currently working with CMS our Credit Card Processing Partner, on the final stages of launching a Adventure Office compatible device.

We will be holding a joint online webinar with CMS on October 5th 2017.If you are interested in learning more about using a credit card chip reader device with Adventure Office click here and submit your information.

Paddle Sports Retailer Show - 2017

We had an amazing time at the Paddle Sports Retailer Show in Madison, WI this year. It was a great event hosted by a fantastic industry. This inaugural event was very well attended and well organized. We enjoyed the hospitality and friendly atmosphere. It was great to see some familiar faces and to meet some great folks.

Client Day Session Scheduled - You're Invited!
Are you attending the 2017 America Outdoors Association Conference in Reno this year? We are in the process of planning a client day session on December 4, 2017.

One of our primary goals is building long-term relationships with our clients. Great communication plays an important part. Client Day Sessions are one of the avenues utilized to meet in person and provide a forum for live interactions.

Each Client Day Session is designed to provide group discussions, live demonstrations of the multitude of new features in Adventure Office reservation software, and operational best practices. The agenda allows ample time for questions and answers throughout the day. Client questions, feedback, and features they would like to see added to the software are important aspects of these sessions.

If you are interested in attending, please click here to pre-register! Seating is limited, so please let us know you are interested in attending the session.

You do not need to attend the related trade show to participate in a Client Day Session.

Tech Tip -What to do when a Payment stays in a “Processing” status

 When you see a payment staying in the “Processing” status (see image below)

This indicates that we have not received a response from the gateway as to whether the payment was processed successfully or not.

 The first step is to verify whether the payment was processed, the user should login to the virtual terminal and check the payment status.

Once the payment status has been verified, the user should return to the reservation and click on the Corrections button (see screen shot below). Once in the Corrections page, the user will see the payment that is 'Processing'. Click the Select button next to the payment marked 'Processing'. You can then mark it as Complete as Paid or Complete as Unpaid, depending on the status shown on your gateway.

* You can put zero’s in as the Gateway Transaction Identifier*

Software Releases - August 2017

The August production release included many fixes and enhancements as requested by our customers:

Web Cart/Shopping Cart

  • Added “Credit Cards Processed in the USA” icon to payment/bookings pages on the Web Cart
  • Added the ability to use -000- Security Code when taking Credit Card payments in the Shopping Cart and Web Cart
  • Fixed the overbooking issue on the Web Cart for Lodging when using assigned units.
  • Fixed Rental Reservations from adding an extra customer
  • Changed Cash customer so they could not be edited, link to new Customer
  • Fixes to required fields on the payment page when an Overbooking warning was presented

System Settings/Reports

  • Fixed the totals calculation on the Taxes & Fees Report
  • Fixed the Agency Payable Report to calculate commission after the discount
  • Added the freeze headers option to Gantt reports
  • Added a Voided Reservation filter to the Audit-Balance/Due Report
  • Fixed the Targeted Marketing list to include customers assigned to specific lodging units


  • Fixed the discount calculations for Fixed Price Per Person
  • Fixed the Date Change Email so it sends to travelers when a change is made

Fixed auto email attachments that were not being included



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